Are wedding cupcakes the new trend instead of cakes?

In general I’ve been noticing a trend in weddings.  People are preferring simple wedding cupcakes over traditional cakes it seems.  I was just reading about Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher (of the NHL’s Ottawa Senators) over at msnbc.

“We’re kind of doing cupcakes,” the country star tells CMT Radio Live’s Cody Alan. “I consider myself a very traditional person. More than anything, we’re going to get married, that’s the important part. And we want everyone to have a good time, so we’re doing some things like that, that are a little bit different.”

Underwood plans on keeping the marriage very private.  “Not to say even anybody would care to show up, but just in case,” Underwood told the AP. “Like anybody, you deserve to get married and have a great day as people. I’m not going to be Carrie Underwood the entertainer walking down the aisle. I’m just Carrie, and I’m going to marry Mike. I feel like that’s kind of a right everybody deserves to have.”

iveycake wedding cupcakes Nashville, TN
Iveycake wedding cupcakes Nashville, TN

Underwood is ordering the cupcakes from IveyCake at 100 4th Ave N, Franklin, TN 37064, which is run by Ivey Childers — the wife of Underwood’s bass player, Mark Childers. Ivey “makes the most amazing cupcakes in the universe,” Underwood says.  Ironically the website went down for the duration of the day after so many people overwhemled the server.  I’m sure Ivey Childres will more than happt to upgrade her website hosting plan after this. Continue reading

That quick low budget wedding worked out perfect last weekend

The wedding I mentioned 2 posts ago at “How to plan a wedding in 1 week & under $1,000 dollars” went off without a hitch last weekend. The key to pulling off a wedding for this cheap is to pull from your string of favors owed to you and good friends you have on Facebook.  Here are the quick notes from the wedding from my friends perspective. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

red flowers, black vines, white fondant wedding cake
Red flowers, black vines, white fondant wedding cake

My cousin Susan was a beautiful bride last night (2.13.10) as she married the airman of her dreams surrounded by Continue reading

Should you attend a bridal show before selecting your wedding vendors?

We all have Facebook friends that can typically refer a few of their top rated vendors on a photographer or wedding cake for your wedding. But hoe do you find vendors for all of those other aspects of your wedding that you don’t have a personal reference for? Here’s just a few vendors to keep in mind other than your rings and wedding dress:

Wedding & Bridal shows - bring your color board
Wedding & Bridal shows - bring your color board
  • bridesmaid dresses
  • candles
  • caterers for the reception
  • décor
  • flower arrangements
  • invitations
  • sample wedding cakes
  • table centerpeices
  • wedding DJ’s & musicians
  • wedding photographer portfolios
  • & more

Many local conventions centers will hold an annual wedding expo that allows Continue reading