Is updating your Facebook status to married at the alter proper etiquette?

Have you heard about what Dana Hanna did right before the pastor said, “You may now kiss the bride?” Technically it’s correct etiquette since he waited until it was official to update his status.  Read below:

facebook etiquetteDuring his wedding ceremony, Dana Hanna whipped out his mobile device and not only changed his relationship status to married on Facebook, but also sent out a tweet announcing that the couple had become man and wife.  The pastor  announced to everyone what was going on as he did it and got a big chuckle. The whole scene was captured on tape and posted to YouTube, so you too can check out the non-traditional altar activities of the newlyweds.

Here is the most appropriate guide I have found to date for Facebook status update etiquette from Time Magazine:

There are six relationship categories Facebook users can choose from: single, in a relationship, engaged, married, it’s complicated, and in an open relationship. (Users can decline to list a status, but Facebook estimates that roughly 60% of its users do, with “single” and “married” the most common statuses.) The first four categories are Continue reading