The most creative marriage proposal of 2011

A friend of mine on facebook just posted this and I am impressed with Michael’s ability to lay out a creative proposal by using his superb video editing skills & making the ideas in his mind come together.  Here’s a quick outline of what you will see in the video, the most creative marriage proposal of 2011.

15 – 1:40 – Where Michael plays with the poster radio that seems to respond to his every wish.

58 seconds – he turns the radio right before Bush’s chorus of ” I want to f*#* you like an animal comes on….”

Here are the words he wrote for this:

Hey Baby just wanted to take a few minutes – to say a few things I’ve been wanting to say – Ever since I’ve been on my own – I’ve been drifting through life – aimlessly & without direction – clinging onto any scrap of philosophy – that made any sense to me – I left alot of people & things I love behind – (Michael points to the stick figure of him running away) – for something new. A change of pace – What I got was much more – You found me and gave me a future to look forward to – & a reason to believe that TRUE LOVE is real – I love you more than you know – more than I’ve ever loved anyone – EVER (he shakes it in the air) – Your Everything I want – & everything I never knew I needed.  – And although I can only afford this – (picture of a very small diamond engagement ring) – you deserve this – (picture of large diamond ring, made of aluminum foil – VERY SHINY) – But if you accept it and me…. – I promise to spend the rest of my life – making you feel like the most beautiful (pic of rose)-  woman…. mother… – wife? – Meet me out back XOXOXOXOXOXOXO –

creative wedding proposal
Need ideas for creative marriage proposals?

5:25 the recording shows him on the back deck waiting for Jen to respond to the video.

5:31 – she walks out in a white nightgown and pink slippers & embraces him –

5:48 he gets down on one knee… the music changes to hard rock

6:00 she looks at the rings and hugs him….. for the next 40 seconds you can see her excitement, her tears & happiness……all only to the sound of music

6:42 Michael gets up and they embrace in a beautiful moment….

7 minutes – Where Michael picks up his bride to be and her pink slippers fly into the air!! Love this part!!!

So they are now engaged as of January 19th, 2011. Love the phrase Gingers Unite at the end.  What do you think of this?
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