Groom surprised & married at an airport – why not “Up in the air?”

How would you feel to get married at an airport?  Is this a publicity stunt to promote the new film Up in the Air  starring George Clooney reminding the world that some people live their lives in airports? I guess this newly married couple would agree with the quote from this movie –  “To know me is to fly with me,” Clooney says. “This is where I live.”

George Clooney - Up in the Air
George Clooney - Up in the Air

Mumbled overhead airport announcements. And a few hundred weary strangers by your side.   Talk about a romantic wedding to remember, a Toledo man gets the surprise of his life from his fiance at a Texas airport.

A Texas woman said she celebrated the airport reunions and goodbyes of her long distance relationship by surprising her boyfriend with an airport wedding.  Robyn Moore says she and her fiance had spent half of their relationship in airports. So, what better place to get married?  Robyn Moore said she greeted her boyfriend, William Acosta, Monday at Corpus Christi International Airport with a camera and a wedding party ready to make good on the marriage license.  She greeted him, wearing a Continue reading