When is it OK to take off your wedding ring?

lotion hands remove wedding rings etiquette
It's proper etiquette to remove wedding rings when adding lotion to your hands

After being married and hearing the different reasons wives take off their wedding rings I wanted to write a post about it, regarding etiquette.  Most of the time I take my rings off when doing dishes, putting lotion on, or when I put my gloves on to do some yardwork or gardening (just feel weird in the glove).  I have met people that swear they will never take their ring off, haven’t in 30 years, and it seems the ring has become permanenetly part of their finger (actually they’ve gained weight and the ring would not come off without surgical removal).  This is what I’ve found on the subject.

The best advice is to first choose a wedding ring you love and won’t mind wearing all the time. It doesn’t have to be a perfect match with your engagement ring. You can choose to wear your wedding ring and engagement ring together on your left hand; wear your wedding band on the left and engagement ring on your right; or just wear your wedding ring. (Many women choose not to wear their engagement rings all the time simply because their setting could snag on clothing, among other reasons). If you really love your engagement ring, you should wear both rings. That way, you can still show off your engagement ring, and your happily wedded status.

Others just wear their wedding ring because they hope to keep the engagemet ring to pass on to their daughter or as an heirloom in the family. Of course, once your husband has spent that much on an engagement ring you may want the world to always see it. Some opt to only wear their engagement ring because it has a fat rock on it and they want people to know how rich their husband is doing…….anyway….. Continue reading

Should a wedding invitation include children or is a seperate invitation needed?

Here’s some advice on things to think about when sending out wedding invitations that involve children.  First of all, a wedding invitation “assumes” no children are invited UNLESS invited explicitly.  Also, the only sure fire way to prevent having a screaming baby in the middle of your ceremony is to provide a free nursery (easy if at a church) and tell the guests children are allowed BUT must be kept in the nursery during the ceremony. 

wedding invitation writing sample
wedding invitation writing sample

 Here are some examples of wedding invitations with children invited: 

  • If you want to include children as guests, write out their individual names on the addressed envelopes, or put “and family.” For example:
    • Mr. and Mrs. John Doe, Michelle and John
      Mr. and Mrs. John Doe and Family
  • If the children are older teens (say, 16 or older), you might want to send them an individual invitation, just like you would an adult.  This makes them feel more like an adult and allows them the oppurtunity to deny the invitation seperately if they are’t able to go even if their parents go. If they are over 18 then proper wedding etiquette requires a seperate invitation.
  • If you don’t want to include children at the ceremony, don’t add their names or “and family” on the outside of the envelope. Although this violates the stricter laws of etiquette, you might even add something like, “Sorry, but children are not invited”, “adults only” or a similar phrase to clarify. If you want to have children at the reception but not the ceremony, you could note this on the response card … or on the invitation itself at the bottom.

Here’s sample wording for an invitation that includes children:

Sample wedding invitations that include children:

While not necessary, you may want to include your children particularly if you will have a part of the ceremony devoted to them.

Please join
Elizabeth Ann Patrillie
Matthew Robert Wilson
as they exchange marriage vows
and together with their son, Marcus, celebrate their family


Please join us
At a celebration
Of the marriage of
Michele Warez Phillips
James Ryder Celest
The family of
Phoebe, Elora, John, & Maddison
Saturday, December 12, 2009

I’ve also decided to do a post later on the funniest wedding invitations I’ve seen.  Look forward to that another day.