Would you donate part of your wedding budget to help victims of Haiti?

It’s hard to imagine giving part of your budget to those ravaged by disater in another part of the world but Leah Bogen felt compelled to do something. When bride-to-be Leah Bogen saw the newspaper pictures of the devastation in Haiti resting next to bridal magazines on her coffee table, she knew the decision was a no-brainer.

Leah Bogen wedding donation Haiti
Leah Bogen gives $2500 wedding donation to Haiti

She asked her fiance, Will Nicholson, if they could donate a quarter of their wedding budget, $2500 dollars, to Partners In Health for the relief efforts in Haiti.   I must say, this story about Leah and Will’s donation of $2500 of their wedding fund touched me much deeper than the Obama’s $15,000 contribution. This is a true love story, full of heart and inspiration.  What this couple did was a true sacrifice.

The contrast of reading about the devastation from the earthquake while planning a big party struck her. She made a decision right then to donate the money they planned to spend on the wedding dinner — 25 percent of their entire budget — to people in Haiti. Her fiance didn’t need any convincing.

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$40 bride, $40 groom, pays for all 40 weddings in 40 hours in downtown Atlanta

Sometimes browsing Craigslist can help you save some serious money on an express wedding. After paying their $40 a piece the bride & groom pose for photos before making their grand entrance into a ballroom reception filled with their family and friends.

40 hours & 40 couples spend $40 a piece for their wedding in a wedding marathon
Stephanie Marie plans out the wedding bouquets for the 1 hour express weddings

They’ll engage in all the usual traditions, a first dance as husband and wife, she’ll throw the bouquet and he’ll toss her garter. They will cut their cake together and even listen to a few of their loved ones struggle through emotional well-wishes during a champagne toast.

It’ll be a traditional wedding in every way — except that it’ll all take place within one hour and cost a total of $80. That the modest fee will be going to charity (Atlanta Children’s Shelter)  is, well, icing on the wedding cake.  How can this be possible is such a tough recession you ask? 

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