Wedding Venue Trends for 2019

If you said “yes” in 2018, no doubt you’re looking forward to 2019 to say, “I do.” Have you picked your wedding venue yet? It’s not too late, but you’d better hurry to snap up these wedding venue trends for 2019 before every other bride-to-be does!

2019 wedding venue trends

– Big barbecues

Even though the polar vortex didn’t affect Florida, plenty of brides are planning on big barbecues for their wedding days. It’s a fun and carefree way to eat, drink, and be merry. Plus, who doesn’t love a big, over-the-top barbecue? Weddings don’t always need fancy foods and having barbecue stations for everyone to enjoy is a surefire way to win.

– Beer garden

With beer getting such a massive facelift over the years, discerning drinkers love their IPAs and craft brews. Beer gardens have a fun flair to them and offer the chance to taste spectacular brews that will change your mind about how you think of beer. Having a beer garden theme is a fun way to celebrate and since even good beer tends to be cheaper than spirits, your guests will have the time of their life!

– Artistic edible displays

Food art is an amazing way to bring the trends of 2019 into any wedding venue. It gives guests something to taste and talk about all at once, plus you can incorporate any style, anywhere.

– Grazing tables

Tables thoughtfully set about your venue with beautiful décor and tasty tidbits of breads, cheeses, and other delights are always welcome. Keep your guests full and don’t leave them looking around for the servers to trot trays of appetizers around.

– Interactive food stations

One thing we love is the idea of memorable food stations where you watch bespoke foods (cocktails too) coming to life. Guacamole bars, tea bars, popcorn bars, and sushi bars are ultra-hot for 2019.

– Barn weddings

Barn weddings are still one of the top venues for 2019. A place like the Barn at Water Oaks Farm in Florida, is very versatile, one that can help you make all your wedding day dreams come true. Beautiful outdoor spaces, rustic yet luxurious interiors, and tons of space for you to enact all your food and entertainment fantasies.

This large outdoor country venue has 20 acres of gorgeous backdrops for your wedding photos, plenty of room for friends and family to dance, plus you can have all kinds of vendors set up these exciting wedding trends without any trouble. From big barbecues that keep the festivities informal to epicurean interactive food stations, you can have it all.

Plus, while they say rain is good luck on your wedding day, you don’t want to be soaked. And something that will always be on-trend is keeping your day from getting rained out. The Barn at Water Oaks Farm can take your event from outdoors to indoors in a snap so you’re special day stays that way, and all the 2019 wedding trends you choose will be as perfect as you imagined them to be.


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