Cash Wedding Registries solve the wedding gift problem

Do you remember some of the gifts you got when you got married….. I remember very few of them.  I know that when I was creating a wedding registry I really wasn’t being practical.  I was living in a dream world and just scanning everything that caught my eye.  If I had that scanner 1 year AFTER my wedding I would have picked items differently.

Cash wedding registry
Cash wedding registry - the perfect gift

One great way to help out a newlywed couple is to just give them cash.  At least they can make a better honeymoon from it.  (We both know they are not going to tuck that money into savings for when their firstborn child falls from a tree and breaks his arm in half and has $40,000 worth of surgery…. oh wait… that’s my personal story… I digress….

So anyway, this seems like a pretty smart idea to me… I personally think a Wal-mart gift card is the most useful.  Once you have the $900 set of China out and you can’t afford to put Ramen noodles on it, the Wal-mart gift card starts looking really good. I can understand the draw of Cash Wedding Registries.

Of course, most couples need to discuss the money problems they are bringing into their marriage. This includes student loans, credit card debt, and any other type of debt that will become shared debt once you are married. You might also want to consider having a discussion about your credit scores as well. This is an important consideration because a poor credit score can have a negative impact on your buying power for a house or a car…… or children…. not that people buy them….. well I guess adoption is kind of like that….

Starting out a marriage financially ready could make the difference between a long and happy marriage and one that ends too soon. Here’s a great little blog with some helpful tips – A little cash upfront in the beginning can’t hurt the newlyweds can it?

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