Medical scrubs can be fashionable like Milan, Italy

Nobody told me working in a hospital would be glamorous and I knew a medical career wouldn’t allow me to wear beautiful 5 inch heels. I guessed I envied my younger sister going to work each day in her designer suits and dresses. I just always believed wardrobes, outfits, even uniforms should reflect personalities. Wearing the same dull blue scrubs clothing as all the other doctors in the hospital did little for my belief that looking good made you feel good, in fact the best part of the day would be clocking off after shifts to change into my glamorous and feminine clothes and pretty shoes.

My weakness was clothes and fashion and the thought of dressing the same as everyone else in dull scrubs almost put me off during training. I thought I would always resent my uniform and despise dressing in the same dull outfit each day.

It wasn’t until I met Jasmine the new girl at work that I realised she seemed to have broke the mould with her scrubs. She caught my attention straight away with her floral scrubs and brightly colored scrub hats. Where on earth had she bought fashionable and feminine scrubs from? Strangely enough even in scrubs it looked like she was wearing a different uniform. She told me about a company that specialised in making scrubs for men and women who like me didn’t want to conform to the dull traditional scrubs that had for so long dominated the medical profession uniform. So there I was all of Tuesday night on searching for a new uniform that would help me stand out of the dreariness of the standard issues blue scrubs I had grown to loathe. Now I am not saying me and Jasmine sub consciously compete against each other for most fashionable doctor each day (even Milan, Italy scrubs couldn’t do that) but I certainly feel prettier and more feminine at work now knowing I can choose the designs and colours I wear into work. I have even noticed the designer scrubs wearing off on a lot of the new young guys too which is definitely not a bad thing!

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