Buying wholesale wedding dresses from Costco?

Most brides don’t have Kate Middleton’s royal wedding budget, but every bride deserves to look like a princess on her wedding day.

I recently read that Costco is now offering Kirstie Kelly signature wedding dresses at a major savings of up to 40% off.  Now I remember when Wal-mart first started selling funeral caskets online and it caused a big stir in the funeral parlor business.  Selling wedding dresses at wholesale retailers like Costco, Sam’s Club, and other could shake up the wedding industry.

costco wedding dresses whoelsale by Kirstie Kelly
Costco wholesale wedding dresses by Kirstie Kelly

What about some premium shoes like prada, jimmy choo, & gucci? Will Costco or Sams ever end up offering shoes like this…. even online?  I doubt it.  Since these shoes, like Rolex watches, get the premium price because of their lack of availability and price point from the majority of consumers, items like prada shoes will remain to be sold exclusively in high shops and large metropolitan cities.

Back to the topic at hand, Costco recently partnered with bridal designer Kirstie Kelly to develop a capsule collection of six gown styles to be sold at pop-up salons during wedding-themed sales events the discount warehouse club is hosting across the country. The dresses range in price from $699 to $1,399, and are offered in sizes 2 to 24.

“When I was designing this line, and when I thought about what this line represented, I wanted to create a small, tight collection that represented every type of bride and type of wedding,” Kelly says.

“There’s a gown for the destination bride, one for the bride who likes a clean look, one who is bohemian, and the bride who is traditional and having a ballroom reception. I was so happy because within this collection we’ve been able to incorporate a lot of beautiful details. We have elements on lace. We have Swarovski crystals,” notes Kelly. “So while the cost is low, the quality and what you’re receiving is very high.”

So should you go to your local Costco or should you get your team and sneakers ready for the “Running of the Brides?” It depends, it you like the frenzy of crazy short term sales (like black Friday after Thanksgiving) where people get ran over, I would go for the running of the Brides.  If you just want a beautiful brand new quality dress without the hassle and rush, Costco could be your best friend. 

After all, isn’t planning awedding stressful enough without having to worry about running around the city to find that dress. Costco seems to be embracing Sam’s Club’s old slogan from 2007, “Enjoy the Possibilities”.

Would you buy a dress from Costco?  Why or why not?

One thought on “Buying wholesale wedding dresses from Costco?

  1. I don’t know about buying a wedding dress from Costo, but I like the bottom middle dress. I’m a fan of pickups. I’m about to get engaged and my boyfriend is getting me a ring from Julia’s diamonds. I’m so excited. I can’t wait to pick the dress next.

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