Wedding Invitations online? Yes or No?

Even with the advances in social networking is it proper yet to sent out wedding invitations by enite, facebook, twitter, or text messaging?  Depends on what angle you want to use.  If people know you’re just being cheap, it may offend them. If you spin it towards a “green wedding” then people will respect how you kept the environment in mind even with your wedding.

eco friendly wedding invitations
Environmentally friendly wedding invitations - cheaper?

I was reading about trying to go green for your wedding and I think an important point is brought up in repards to wedding gifts. She asked people not to wrap the gifts, or use “green” alternatives. (I suggested wrapping them in baby blankets, cloth diapers, the comics section of the newspaper, fabric, etc.)  So to keep to her “green” theme, she used Evite for the wedding invitations instead of paper. This was her first time using Evite, although I’ve gotten a bunch of invitations that way.

Of course even though this is green, inviting a guest from hundrends of miles away to fly by plane (carbon emission HOG) kinds defeats the purpose doesn’t it. I also think you need to think about the age of your guests. Guest under 40 probably have no problem getting invitations electronically while immediate family and guests over 50 should probably get the traditional style of wedding invitations.  Just remember at the end of the day, the bride makes the call on this.  I would suggest to all grooms to avoid bringing up this touchy subject unless your bride is a hard core enironmental chick that has attended numerous rallies and such.

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