Chelsea Clinton’s wedding announced to Marc Mezvinsky on July 31st

Chelsea Clinton’s wedding to investment banker Marc Mezvinsky is the hottest event of the summer on July 31st somewhere in New York. Of course to help out her parents Chelsea has said, She must personally know every invitee. There will be only 400 names on the guest list, a good size for a wedding by ordinary standards, but barely big enough to account for all the people Bill Clinton slept with…..hehe. “Donors are expecting to be invited,” says a major Clinton fund-raiser. Then there are the campaign, State Department, and Clinton Foundation staff, plus foreign dignitaries and both Clinton and Obama White House officials. “You really see who their closest friends are in this list,” says an insider. “It’s not a celebrity-driven wedding.

Chelsea Clinton Marc Mezvinsky getting married
Chelsea Clinton Marc Mezvinsky married?

The secrecy has seemed more reminiscent of a covert Iraqi undercover sting than a wedding. Ruomor on the street early was that it would be held on Martha’s Vineyard, but more recently sources have confirmed that the nuptials will be held on July 31 in a still-secret location within a three-hour drive of New York City. Reasoning says that the Hampton’s are not a plausible location because the Long Island Expressway is too long of a road. A more reasonable place for the big event would be somewhere upstate in Westchester or Dutchess County. “The wedding planner will contact each guest directly a week in advance and let them know where it is,” says the fund-raiser, who speculated that the Hamptons are out because the L.I.E. can be a very long road. The smart money, then, is somewhere upstate, possibly in Westchester or Dutchess County—most likely on property owned by a Clinton supporter. ”

Most of the planning is falling on the shoulders of Massachusetts event planner Bryan Rafanelli, who has been Hillary Clinton’s go-to guy for Boston-area fund-raisers; he first donated to her Senate campaign in 1999, and according to prominent Boston philanthropist Barbara Lee, Rafanelli’s first Hillary event was a luncheon in 2001. During her presidential campaign, Rafanelli was an important bundler for her, earning the “Hill-raiser” designation for gathering over $100,000. Rafanelli’s partner, Mark Walsh, was Hillary’s adviser for LGBT outreach during her campaign as well. Rafanelli is a Bay State wedding force: He was responsible for Red Sox owner John Henry’s 2009 wedding, which took place on Henry’s 164-foot yacht, followed by a reception in Fenway Park with a performance by Maroon 5.

Adding to the complexity of Rafanelli’s labors, he’s also planning the August marriage of Congressman Anthony Weiner to Abedin. While information about these nuptials does not seem quite as classified, all that is known about the venue thus far is “somewhere in New York.” But before that, the future Mr. and Mrs. Weiner will be hosted by the Clintons at a party in Washington on June 29th.

Bill Clinton confessed to reporters that he’s under strict orders to drop 15 pounds.  He said his daughter, Chelsea, told him he had to lose the weight before her summer wedding. He said he has just 2 pounds to go and “more than a month” to get there. The Oval doesn’t know how much the former president weighs now – though he did look trim today – but his weight has fluctuated over the years from a low of 196 to a high of 226 pounds.

I can’t wait for pictures to be posted by someone on this wedding.  It should be amazing!!  Want to know more about how Chelsea and Marc got engaged you can click here.

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