Should you hire a professional for your wedding makeup or do it yourself?

I’ve heard some arguments for and against the use of a professional makeup artist lately that I thought I would come up with a nice pro and con list for each of these:

Professional wedding makeup artist:  Pros

  • Possible to get it free with makeup purchase of a certain amount
  • You only use the makeup once, so need to buy special makeup you may never use again
  • Typically allow some sample trial applications to play with your makeup a little to find that perfect look
  • TEMPTU AIRbrush Makeup System ($225) is a lightweight system that lets you spray on concealer, blush, bronzer, or highlighter. It gives you a flawless, fresh, and dewy look. You can even use it all over your body.  Really fast to do….Sephora lets you do a trial of this stuff..
  • If you buy a wedding package sometimes it includes the professional makeup as part of it
  • If you never wear makeup this will add that extra surprise to the groom and obviously you shouldn’t attempt your first makeup application at your wedding
  • You can use a makeover as a gift to your bridesmaids as part of your package

Professional wedding makeup artist:  Cons

  • Price can range from $60-$100
  • If you’re not famaliar with the makeup artist they could do your makeup wrong and still have to pay
professional wedding makeup
Professional wedding makeup

Do it yourself wedding makeup: Pros

  • Like Chelsea Clinton, you could keep it real simple and opt to not wear any makeup.  Especially if you have a great skincare regimen and your skin looks great anyway like hers.
  • You already own your favorite colors and know how you like to look.  If this isn’t broke why change it?

Do it yourself wedding makeup: Cons

  • Might be to jittery the day of the wedding to do it like you want
  • You’re already pressed for time, this would be one more thing that could consume extra time you don’t have

Here are some quick tips on what you should do if you hire a professional since this is your big day and it’s important! Choosing someone who is a qualified Makeup Artist, and has the knowledge and experience with wedding makeup is essential.

It’s a good idea to ask others that have seen the makeup artists’ work, and take a look at their portfolio – look at other weddings that they have done. Ask the makeup artist what products they use, and are they of a high quality? This is usually a good indication of professionalism.

Also, you should feel comfortable with the makeup artist. You will need to really work with them to establish the desired look you want, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. A good makeup artist will provide excellent customer service, and ensure quality and satisfaction to the highest of standards.

For those DIY types here’s a great wedding makeup tutorial I found on Youtube.

Would you rather spend the extra money in this recession and get a professional wedding makeup artist or you think the bride should  just do it herself?

2 thoughts on “Should you hire a professional for your wedding makeup or do it yourself?

  1. I think its all part of the pre-wedding pampering. Having a recommended beautician to do your make up is akin to having a massage. It’s very relaxing and they usually make a very good job of it.

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