Are white gold diamond wedding rings the new thing for men?

When my husband and I got married almost 12 years ago platinum and titanium bands were becoming pretty popular.  These rings have had their heyday but I’m noticing a comeback in the white gold diamond rings for men again.

white gold diamond rings

Their are cheaper offerings online made with a bare minimum amount of gold, which makes resizing rings more difficult and can actually damage the jewelry when attempted. I know this first hand after buying a white gold ring in Alaska on a cruise, once the ring was resized it looked horrible.

Grooms today prefer white gold to platinum because of its durability and affordability. White gold also retains its value longer than silver. Of course local jewelrs are having more of a challenge with the broad selection of the Internet from retailers like Amazon and Blue Nile.

Titanium will continue to be a popular option compared to white gold or platinum I think. For example, platinum rings are susceptible to scratches, chemicals and exposure, which ruins the facade. Its heaviness means that it is common for platinum to slide off the finger while swimming and become lost. Meanwhile, gold rings wear through over time, are also heavy, and depending on their alloy composition, can cause allergic reactions. And the higher the purity of the gold, the softer and thus more vulnerable to damage. To top it off, rhodium plating, in some cases, is something that will need to be replaced every few years on a white gold ring in order to protect it.

Of course white gold and diamonds work for the ladies too -Nick Cannon recently presented his wife, Mariah Carey with a diamond-encrusted Ring Pop doppelganger designed by Jason of Beverly Hills Jewelers. The extravagant piece of bling was comprised of white gold, white diamonds and pink sapphires. We all know that the ring never really affects the length of the relationship.

Which ring do you think is best of all the choices for men (carbonite, platinum, silver, titanium, white gold, yellow gold)?

2 thoughts on “Are white gold diamond wedding rings the new thing for men?

  1. My husband got a titanium wedding ring. He likes it because it doesn’t look as “feminine” as the other rings we saw.

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