Why would you need wedding insurance?

I was just thinking about this the other day after reading an article online.  You can buy insurance on your wedding ring or engagement ring, insurance for that honeymoon cruise in case a hurricane blows through, and insurance on the tuxes for the wedding.  Why not buy wedding insurance on the entire event?  Now remember, this doesn’t cover the bride or groom “backing out” of the wedding. This covers other things that are out of your control so you could actually get your money back.

wedding insurance
wedding insurance for the unexpected

I discovered this website called my-weddinginsurace.co.uk that can cover the following items, I created a list of what a basic wedding policy ($30) from them can cover, they have more expensive ones that can cover larger amounts:

Cancellation & Expenses $11,580
Delayed Travel $3,088
Legal Expenses $7,720
Personal Accident $15,440
Photographs & Video/DVD $2,316
Presents $3,088
Rings, Cakes, Stationary & Flowers $2,316
Supplier Deposits $3,860
Venue Decoration $1,158
Wedding Attire $4,632
Wedding Cars & Transport $2,316
Wedding Documents $772

(Chart based on converting pounds to dollars at a 1.544 rate as of today) . They also have a public liability option included that covers you for $3 million with this policy. They even have options to purchase liquor liability insurance. It protects the people who throw the event, if anyone suffers alcohol-related injuries afterward. Must say this is not a bad idea, especially when you spend $30,000 on an event.  This might make the father of the bride sleep a little better at night…..unless he hates the groom anyway.

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