Are wedding cupcakes the new trend instead of cakes?

In general I’ve been noticing a trend in weddings.  People are preferring simple wedding cupcakes over traditional cakes it seems.  I was just reading about Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher (of the NHL’s Ottawa Senators) over at msnbc.

“We’re kind of doing cupcakes,” the country star tells CMT Radio Live’s Cody Alan. “I consider myself a very traditional person. More than anything, we’re going to get married, that’s the important part. And we want everyone to have a good time, so we’re doing some things like that, that are a little bit different.”

Underwood plans on keeping the marriage very private.  “Not to say even anybody would care to show up, but just in case,” Underwood told the AP. “Like anybody, you deserve to get married and have a great day as people. I’m not going to be Carrie Underwood the entertainer walking down the aisle. I’m just Carrie, and I’m going to marry Mike. I feel like that’s kind of a right everybody deserves to have.”

iveycake wedding cupcakes Nashville, TN
Iveycake wedding cupcakes Nashville, TN

Underwood is ordering the cupcakes from IveyCake at 100 4th Ave N, Franklin, TN 37064, which is run by Ivey Childers — the wife of Underwood’s bass player, Mark Childers. Ivey “makes the most amazing cupcakes in the universe,” Underwood says.  Ironically the website went down for the duration of the day after so many people overwhemled the server.  I’m sure Ivey Childres will more than happt to upgrade her website hosting plan after this. Continue reading

Top 10 things you need to buy after the honeymoon

Before I get to this list, want to share a way you could some items off the list.  Just found out on twitter about a contest at  You can enter in their contest for a chance to win some Fieldcrest luxury premium towels.  I’m sure all of us have our favorite towels.  My husband and I splurged about 4 years ago on some high end towels that could only be used by us.  Our children get good quality towels but ours are extrememly soft and big.  Here’s some quick details about these Fieldcrest towels.

  • Made of 100% Premium Supima Cotton for Maximum Absorbency, Loft and Durability
  • Rich Assorted Colors
  • Machine Wash, Tumble Dry
  • Sizes – Bath 58×30; Hand 30×16; Wash 13×13 “

Also seems like the reviews on them have come back pretty positive over at Target – “These towels are so soft and after numerous washings, still look new. Have a wonderful expensive look to them and I need to go back to buy a few more! If you want to know the full contest rules check this out.

happy honeymoon couple on the beach
happy honeymoon couple on the beach

When getting married there are definately a few things you should pay a premium for.  In fact I’ve compiled a list:

Top 10 things you need to buy after the honeymoon:

1.  Soft Luxorious towels for your daily baths or shower

2.  High end, 2000+ thread count egyptcian cotton sheets for your bed and pillowcase.

3.  Memory foam mattress (or topper) for the little sleep you find time for in the first few months.

4.  His and her power toothbrushes

5. DVR from Tivo or your local cable/dish network so you never argue over shows missed or games.

6. A cellphone plan that works best for your needs as a permanent couple with free mobile to mobile minutes and unlimited texting.

7. A calender, to lay out plans for your next vacation and private getaways. (It’s good to let the honeymoon set a tone on what kind of vacations your spouse will expect for the future)

8.  Caller ID, so you can avoid phone calls from the mother-in-law or others when necessary.

9.  Large bottles of cologne and perfume to ensure you always smell desirable to your partner.

10.  Buy some equipment for your hobbies so you can share that passion with each other.  It could be a tennis racket, a mountain bike, running shoes, a guitar, etc.  Couples that play together, stay together.

You have any other suggestions on what a couple should buy?  Let us know.