Wedding albums that capture the best of your wedding

We all want great wedding photography during our big day but how you showcase these gorgeous photos afterward can be challenging.  You can always go the dirt cheap and simple route.  Places like VistaPrint and Walmart let  you create a cheap album for very little.  But, I’m guessing you want something that has a little more  flair.  I was wondering around today and ran into these guys over in the UK that do desginer wedding albums (“Photo Productions” is the name).  They have three different styles to choose from to fit any style of wedding:

wedding albums
Wedding Albums that capture the essence of your wedding

After uploading your photos our expert graphic designers get to work. Customise as much or as little as you want when ordering and they’ll knit your images into a stunning visual photo book. They do the hard work and it’s all included in the price.

When placing your order they let you choose from three different styles of layout. Your Premium Photobook interiors will then be hand-designed according to whichever style you choose. I was also reading the unique process of what goes into these memorable wedding albums:

Printing, laminating, colour correction and hand-binding are parts of a 23 stage process that ensures the hardbound Photobooks are as handsome as they are durable.

Your Photobook design is printed onto specialist ‘silver halide’ paper – an exceptionally high grade of photographic paper. The resulting images surpass standard shop prints and remain vibrant for years. Each page is then mounted onto a thin sheet of PVC to ensure the finished pages are rigid and infinitely more robust than lower quality photo books.

The front and back covers photos are printed onto photo-metallic paper to give a striking, almost three-dimensional contrast. Finally they are mounted onto the hard Photobook cover and sealed underneath a clear crystal acrylic to provide protection and a stylish finish.

Their prices aren’t cheap, but hey, how do you want to remember your wedding?  8 x 10″ (20 x 25cm): $285 for 10 pages (this equals 20 photos)  (+ $11.50 per additional page) – using currency calculation accurate as of today.  Would you spend this kind of money on a showpiece for your wedding?

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