That quick low budget wedding worked out perfect last weekend

The wedding I mentioned 2 posts ago at “How to plan a wedding in 1 week & under $1,000 dollars” went off without a hitch last weekend. The key to pulling off a wedding for this cheap is to pull from your string of favors owed to you and good friends you have on Facebook.  Here are the quick notes from the wedding from my friends perspective. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

red flowers, black vines, white fondant wedding cake
Red flowers, black vines, white fondant wedding cake

My cousin Susan was a beautiful bride last night (2.13.10) as she married the airman of her dreams surrounded by friends and family. We were so happy to be a part of their big day and are eagerly anticipating the birth of their baby girl, Mary Doe, in July. 🙂

I have to give many thanks to Kraig for performing the ceremony, Beth Patterson for the amazing wedding cake, and Hannah from Image Maker in Niceville for her hair. You all are tremendous blessings and I love you!

As you may have noticed my good girlfriend, Beth Patterson over in Crestview, FL made the wedding cake.  That is her real name and I am so proud of her.  I know she hasn’t been professionally trained or anything but she seems to baking cakes for birthdays, baby showers, and more all the time now.  Such a sweet woman and I hope she gets to realize her dream of opening a cake business one day.

4 thoughts on “That quick low budget wedding worked out perfect last weekend

  1. I like the idea of planning a low-budget wedding. Formal weddings nowadays average almost $30,000 so there is definitely enough incentive for most couples to ask for the right wedding etiquette … who pays for what ? Until not too long ago, it was seldom a question for brides and grooms as to who will pick up the wedding expenses. At least for formal weddings, the traditional way has always been for the bride’s father, her family respectively, to pay for their daughter’s wedding. One major reason for this “traditional” rule was that couples used to get married at a comparatively early stage in their life, starting off their life together at a point where financial dependency to their
    parents was often the rule. This however changed over the past few decades. Nowadays, couples often not only get married at a later
    point in their life, but also at a point where they are financially secured enough to cover their own wedding expenses. Another reason why the traditional “wedding etiquette, who pays for what” changed – at least if we want to believe polls asking “newly-wed” couples – is that more and more couples nowadays want to have their own “say” in the wedding. From the guest-list to the menu, from the flower bouquets to the wedding cake … should the wedding have classical music, or the couple’s most favorite local band … should we really invite uncle xyz, who never agreed to our wedding to begin with ? I am trying to summarize useful information on
    this and related wedding topics on my webpage and one of the things that I noticed while
    researching and then putting all the information together, is that the topic of wedding etiquette is a truly wide minefield; the same holds true for the wedding shower – planning; here, too, there are so many things to keep an eye on it in order to comply with today’s “correct” etiquette, one has to do some serious research – the perfect wedding etiquette is needed for questions like who pays for what at the wedding, or the etiquette for wedding / bridal showers, wedding invitations and wedding registries, and so on…

  2. The cake and flowers are beautiful! I am also trying to have a wedding on a budget. My colors are black and white with touches of deep red, which brings me to my question. What flowers are on the cake? They are perfect!

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