Wedding albums that capture the best of your wedding

We all want great wedding photography during our big day but how you showcase these gorgeous photos afterward can be challenging.  You can always go the dirt cheap and simple route.  Places like VistaPrint and Walmart let  you create a cheap album for very little.  But, I’m guessing you want something that has a little more  flair.  I was wondering around today and ran into these guys over in the UK that do desginer wedding albums (“Photo Productions” is the name).  They have three different styles to choose from to fit any style of wedding:

wedding albums
Wedding Albums that capture the essence of your wedding

After uploading your photos our expert graphic designers get to work. Customise as much or as little as you want when ordering and they’ll knit your images into a stunning visual photo book. They do the hard work and it’s all included in the price. Continue reading

That quick low budget wedding worked out perfect last weekend

The wedding I mentioned 2 posts ago at “How to plan a wedding in 1 week & under $1,000 dollars” went off without a hitch last weekend. The key to pulling off a wedding for this cheap is to pull from your string of favors owed to you and good friends you have on Facebook.  Here are the quick notes from the wedding from my friends perspective. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

red flowers, black vines, white fondant wedding cake
Red flowers, black vines, white fondant wedding cake

My cousin Susan was a beautiful bride last night (2.13.10) as she married the airman of her dreams surrounded by Continue reading

A wedding planning blog that gives some free tips and trends for 2010

Was browsing around yesterday looking for the coming trends in 2010 and ran across a wedding coordinator website titled “Planning Elegance”.  These guys are one of many San Francisco Wedding Planners but they seem to not just sell their services.  Great tips and advice can be found throughout their website and coordinated Wedding Blog. They had a great article on the top 5 wedding dress trends for 2010.  My favorite one mentioned was wedding dresses that offer a hint of color in red.  What a great way to highlight a favorite color of the brides or bring in that special something to help make your wedding more memorable?

Here’s a wedding dress with a hint of red to it.  What do you think?  Do you think the editorial staff at would feature it in their spread?

wedding dress red color accent
Wedding Dress - red color accent

After finding this dress I was inspired to find a nice matching wedding planning board in red & white.  The first theme that pops up with these colors is naturally Christmas, Valentine’s, even 4th of July BUT you can find many other ways to integrate a red hint of color in your wedding without it feeling like a holiday festival.  It took me about 15 minutes to find a red wedding inspiration board that didn’t involve a holiday so I hope the following board inspires you. Continue reading

How to plan a wedding in 1 week & under $1,000 dollars

I have a friend putting together a wedding for her cousin in one week. Will not go into the intimate details on why their was only a 7 day window but I hope to pass on some valuable insight into what sacrifices must be made when planning a quick & cheap wedding so quickly.

last minute weddings cause stress
last minute weddings cause stress

I give kudos to those married couples that have done something like this before, inspite of surprising last minute injuries. Of course, in their case it was her second wedding, not her first. I was also reading this:

If you have a little flexibility and make decisions fast, you can save big bucks on your wedding day. As Chris Mohr, a longtime wedding minister at Foothills Chapel in Colorado, explains, “People pull off pretty elaborate funerals in just a few days all the time.” Not to be macabre, but weddings aren’t that different — location, ceremony, flowers, music, food. . . .

Here are 5 quick advantages of a wedding on a short notice:

  1. Shorter notice typically means fewer guests attend, and the more time families Continue reading