What does your wedding ring mean to you?

I just read thiss story today about an Air Force pilot that lost his life during a training session and his wife’s strong desire for them to find his wedding band..  Here are some of the details below.  Luckily, it has a somewhat of a happy ending….

crying military widow - mourning
A military widow mourning

A tragedy that claimed the life of a 28-year-old Hill Air Force Base F-16 pilot ultimately ended with a miracle.

On June 22, 2009, Capt. George “Ice” Houghton, originally from Candler, N.C., died when his jet crashed at the Utah Test and Training Range, about 35 miles southwest of Wendover, Nev., during a night training mission.

Assigned to the 388th Fighter Wing’s 421st Fighter Squadron at Hill, Houghton’s jet went down in a remote area of the UTTR commonly referred to as Baker’s Strong Point.

Debris spread for miles from the crash site. Air Force officials combed through the site, investigating the accident and gathering Houghton’s personal items.

Devastated by the loss of her husband, Houghton’s widow Josie wanted only one thing from the crash site: the pilot’s titanium wedding band.

Since pilots aren’t allowed to wear rings during flights, Houghton, like many other pilots, kept his in the pocket of his flight suit.

“A couple of days after it happened, I was asked if there was anything specific I might want recovered and I immediately asked for the ring,” Josie said.

“In a very tactful and sensitive way, they basically told me, We’ll do what we can, but don’t get your hopes up.

Read the original story from Fox News here.

In closing, what does your wedding band mean to you?  If your spouse were to die what would you do with the wedding ring?

One thought on “What does your wedding ring mean to you?

  1. Ice was may brother. It has been a year now without him. His wife Josie is not without pain, nor is my family, but I can say that finding the ring was the best closure for her. I too was involved in an aircraft crash in Afghanistan where I lost my team leader and close friend. When I regained consciousness in the U.S. the first thing that was asked of me was “where did Scott keep is ring?” It did not strike me at first, but after marring my girlfriend who was with me throughout the crash and recovery and the death of my brother did I realize the importance of what is around my finger. The wedding band is so much more than a symbol of unity, but rather a symbol of life and friendship and closeness.

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