What would you do if your wedding dress was stolen?

It was your typical day in Rapid City, Michigan for bride to be, Teoni Taylor.  She went in to a local grocery store to grab some last minute produce for dinner that night and thought it would be OK to leave her car running since it was so cold.  She thought she locked the keys with her remote but found out when she returned she must not have.  Small mistake, USUALLY,but  not only was her car stolen, but the wedding dress too.  In her words. “”Two bridesmaids’ dresses, a wedding dress, purse, car seat, wallet, toys.”   I guess they don’t teach you everything in hair stylist school.

Would this bring out your bridezilla?

It is a story that would cause just about any bride to have a nervous breakdown. Taylor said she cried a lot, but had to get over it. With just nine days until the wedding, she had little time to waste. “I was pretty nervous,” said Taylor. “I know it’s just a dress. I was just glad my 2 year old son & I were safe, but we just kind of took it one day at a time. We waited for the holiday to get over, Monday to come and just started shopping for another dress.

She found one at a wedding boutique. She said it’s much different than her first, thus the need for new jewelry to match it.

“I’m not too picky at this point,” said Taylor.

Like a walk down the aisle, Taylor is taking it all in stride and she is learned a jewel of a lesson she is passing on to others.

“You know, bigger city, you’d expect it,” said Taylor. “But here, you don’t expect it. Just make sure you double check your door handles. You could even hit your key lock in your pocket and it could unlock, so I’d just like everybody to be more aware of things going on in Rapid City and just be cautious.”

While there has already been a big hitch in getting hitched, Taylor said this whole ordeal has put everything into perspective for both her and her groom. Taylor says she cried a lot but realized she had to get over it because her wedding was going to happen in only a few days anyway.

“Once I found a different dress, he was like, ‘I would have married you in blue jeans,'” said Taylor. “It didn’t matter.”

Taylor later found out that the authorities have located her car, but no word yet if her wedding dress was still inside. Taylor said she is still getting married Saturday.

So if you had your wedding dress & bridesmaids dresses were stolen 7 days before your wedding what would you do? Answer our poll below to find out what others think.

4 thoughts on “What would you do if your wedding dress was stolen?

  1. Wow, I feel so bad for her. I misplaced my wedding dress 7 days before the wedding and was flipping out when I found out my mom had moved somewhere “safe” it 2 hours later. If this was me I would have helped the police in the manhunt personally.

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