Would you rent a faux wedding cake to save money?

Your traditional tiered wedding cakes from a local bakery typically prices out to at an average of $5 per serving. We all know the cake alone can take quite a bite out of the overall bridal budget, especially when you consider serving 100 people or more. Cupcakes are becoming a popular alternative, but even those aren’t cheap, and can start at $3 each from local cupcake specialists. With a little ingenuity, there are lesser-priced options to feed your guests that won’t sacrifice in taste or style.

faux showpiece wedding rental cake
Why pay for a wedding cake you eat when you can rent a fake for less?

If you have a lot of guests to serve, you can save several hundred dollars by renting a faux showpiece cake from a number of locations for $75 to $100 and then just serve an inexpensive sheet cake instead (a half sheet cake from Sam’s Club will serve 40 people at a cost of a mere $1.15 per slice). Choose between multiple designs for your faux cake Continue reading

Would you donate part of your wedding budget to help victims of Haiti?

It’s hard to imagine giving part of your budget to those ravaged by disater in another part of the world but Leah Bogen felt compelled to do something. When bride-to-be Leah Bogen saw the newspaper pictures of the devastation in Haiti resting next to bridal magazines on her coffee table, she knew the decision was a no-brainer.

Leah Bogen wedding donation Haiti
Leah Bogen gives $2500 wedding donation to Haiti

She asked her fiance, Will Nicholson, if they could donate a quarter of their wedding budget, $2500 dollars, to Partners In Health for the relief efforts in Haiti.   I must say, this story about Leah and Will’s donation of $2500 of their wedding fund touched me much deeper than the Obama’s $15,000 contribution. This is a true love story, full of heart and inspiration.  What this couple did was a true sacrifice.

The contrast of reading about the devastation from the earthquake while planning a big party struck her. She made a decision right then to donate the money they planned to spend on the wedding dinner — 25 percent of their entire budget — to people in Haiti. Her fiance didn’t need any convincing.

“She totally blew me away Continue reading

What does your wedding ring mean to you?

I just read thiss story today about an Air Force pilot that lost his life during a training session and his wife’s strong desire for them to find his wedding band..  Here are some of the details below.  Luckily, it has a somewhat of a happy ending….

crying military widow - mourning
A military widow mourning

A tragedy that claimed the life of a 28-year-old Hill Air Force Base F-16 pilot ultimately ended with a miracle.

On June 22, 2009, Capt. George “Ice” Houghton, originally from Candler, N.C., died when his jet crashed at the Utah Test and Training Range, about 35 miles southwest of Wendover, Nev., during a night training mission.

Assigned to the 388th Fighter Wing’s 421st Fighter Squadron at Hill, Houghton’s jet went down in a remote area of the UTTR commonly referred to as Baker’s Strong Point.

Debris spread for miles from the crash site. Air Force officials combed through the site, investigating the accident and gathering Houghton’s personal items.

Devastated by the loss of her husband, Houghton’s widow Josie wanted only one thing from the crash site: the pilot’s titanium wedding band. Continue reading

Should you attend a bridal show before selecting your wedding vendors?

We all have Facebook friends that can typically refer a few of their top rated vendors on a photographer or wedding cake for your wedding. But hoe do you find vendors for all of those other aspects of your wedding that you don’t have a personal reference for? Here’s just a few vendors to keep in mind other than your rings and wedding dress:

Wedding & Bridal shows - bring your color board
Wedding & Bridal shows - bring your color board
  • bridesmaid dresses
  • candles
  • caterers for the reception
  • décor
  • flower arrangements
  • invitations
  • sample wedding cakes
  • table centerpeices
  • wedding DJ’s & musicians
  • wedding photographer portfolios
  • & more

Many local conventions centers will hold an annual wedding expo that allows Continue reading

What would you do if your wedding dress was stolen?

It was your typical day in Rapid City, Michigan for bride to be, Teoni Taylor.  She went in to a local grocery store to grab some last minute produce for dinner that night and thought it would be OK to leave her car running since it was so cold.  She thought she locked the keys with her remote but found out when she returned she must not have.  Small mistake, USUALLY,but  not only was her car stolen, but the wedding dress too.  In her words. “”Two bridesmaids’ dresses, a wedding dress, purse, car seat, wallet, toys.”   I guess they don’t teach you everything in hair stylist school.

Would this bring out your bridezilla?

It is a story that would cause just about any bride to have a nervous breakdown. Taylor said she cried a lot, but had to get over it. With just nine days until the wedding, she had little time to waste. “I was pretty nervous,” said Taylor. “I know it’s just a dress. I was just Continue reading

Carrie Underwood’s engagement ring is massive!

Carrie Underwood’s new engagement ring from her finance, Mike Fisher, could blind most anybody.  It is estimated at around $150,000 and said to to be a 5-plus carat round flawless yellow diamond with diamond sidestones. It was designed for her by jeweler Johnathon Arndt. Take a look at a ring that looks like the Carrie Underwood 5 carat engagement ring.

carrie underwood engagement ring 5 carats
Carrie Underwood engagement ring - 5 carats

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher are engaged as most people know? The story allegedly surfaced after a friend of Fisher’s had something about it on his Twitter page. So anyone who was following that guy got to read, “Congratulations to Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood! We just got the call at our family Christmas get-together.” The Ottawa newspapers got a hold of that news and ran with it. Then the next day Underwood’s publicist confirmed the couple’s engagement.

Carrie Underwood says she and fiance Mike Fisher knew they had to work fast to tell friends and family about their engagement Continue reading