Married Couple on So You Think You Can Dance – AMAZING!!

So You Think You Can Dance married couple Ashleigh and Ryan Di Lello brought the judges to tears in last night’s last show. They weren’t the only ones. My husband said it was beautiful but could not uderstand why I was pulling the kleenex out like cash from an ATM. I answered, “You can see how much they love each other…booohoooo…booohooo…..” Well anyway, it was an awesome show and I have included the highlight of their tryouts on YouTube below.

The couple performed a contemporary dance number to Michelle Featherstone’s “I’m There Too”, exchanging “heart felt” glances throughout with both ending in tears. Of course we know she is crying since she made purely from her husband’s remarks the week before. I really liked Legacy and am kinda bummed he was kicked out. He may not have been as good as the others but I felt emotionally connected to him.

SYTYCD married couple Ashleigh & Ryan De Lello - so you think you can dance
Married couple Ashleigh & Ryan De Lello from So You Think You Can Dance

Judge Nigel Lythgoe said, “I’m so glad you pleased you found a shirt, you must just remember to use the buttons now”….and “A lot of people would say that both of you are here in this season’s finale this week because of the ground swell of emotion that was caused because of her injury last week,” Nigel said. Adding, “I say the pair of you have accounted for yourselves very, very well tonight.”

Both remaining judges Mary Murphy and Adam Shankman were just as pushed with emotion from the dance, Murphy holding back tears (any old wedding napkins laying around hor her to wipre with?) telling the couple, “What a memory this night is going to be for you two.” Of course, I think Mary has a thing for this guy. Shankman then asked the couple how the dance “felt”.

Wife Ashleigh, 26, said, “It’s perfect”. Husband Ryan, who met Ashleigh while dancing, has said of their relationship, “How many people do you know share the exact same talent and the exact same passion that are married and enjoy that together.”

Ashleigh adding, “We don’t have to fake the chemistry.” Well duh…. If they had too I don’t think the marriage would last to long? I want to ask a question. How may think that Ashleigh and Ryan Di Lello’s marriage will still be together 5 years from now?

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