Examples of funny modern wedding invitations

While browsing around hoping to find something funny that people do in weddings today I ran across some funny wedding invitations I had to share.  This first example is designed for the couple that has lived together for years and even has kids.  It makes light of the fact that the kids were definately born out of wedlock.  No doubt this is an example of a modern wedding invitation.

mommy & daddy are getting married - modern wedding invitation
Mommy & Daddy getting married - modern wedding invitation

Then there’s the wedding announcement you send to people you don’t want to come.  This is sent to those that did not want you to get married OR thought you had no chance of getting married.

You're not invited wedding annoucement - don't call, don't come
This finger will soon have a ring on it (or up yours?)

How about that couple that just loves a movie so much they want to integrate the entire theme of it into their wedding.  Here is an example of a unny wedding invitation incorporating the Top Gun theme (Top Groom in this case) into it.

Top Gun (Top Groom) wedding invitation
Top Groom wedding invitation

Others out there are just looking for a different way to invite their guests by doing something that represents their work.  This is an example of a bride getting married that works at a library.

library card unique wedding invitations
library card wedding invitation

This groom, Tim, was really proud of his new motorcycle that he bought.  His loving fiance allowed him to put a picture of him and his bike on their wedding invitations, she got a pink butterfly on her white motorcycle suit ;;-).  I’m guessing that if he didn’t have the motorcycle on the invitation it could have been a deal beaker?

motorcycle wedding invitation
motorcycle wedding invitation

We live in a world that loves 3-d with the advent of all the recent 3-D movies being released.  Now they have wedding invitations made that pop-up when opened and give the guests something 3-D to look at.

3d wedding invitation modern - pop up
Pop Up wedding invitation - modern

This last example is my favorite.  You send silver c ans to your guests that include a wedding invitation inside AND directions on how to tie the cans to the back of the newlyweds car when you attend.  Quite creative I must say.

wedding invitation in a can
wedding invitation in a can

Use our poll below to let us know which one if your favorite?  Have you seen any other ones that should have been mentioned?

7 thoughts on “Examples of funny modern wedding invitations

  1. Is there a company that will make the modern pop up wedding invite? I love it and am looking for the company! Thank you!

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