Quick wedding statistics to calm your curiosity

In honor of the month of December I wanted to recap the year with some wedding statistics. You see December is the most popular month to pop the question, accounting for one out of every five engagements.

wedding statistics
wedding statistics

The following stats are from Elegant Bride Magazine:
4-6 {months} prior to a destination wedding to send Save-the-Dates
8: Minimum place settings to register for
3-4 {stores} to visit before purchasing your wedding gown
2 {minutes} for the ideal toast
50 guests per usher at the ceremony
50 guests per bathroom at your wedding venue
30-40 guests per waiter at your reception
10 guests can be seated at a 60 inch round table
2.5-3 {square feet} per guest for the appropriate size dance floor
3 {swimsuits} to pack for a beach honeymoon
60 to 85 optimal degrees for an outdoor wedding {I think 85 might be pushing it here in Atlanta!}
1.5 {feet} in a typical chapel length train

Here’s some other stats I found while researching:
12% of couples get married in a garden or park
17% of couples have a formal wedding
31% of couples will use a banquet hall for their reception
39% of couples risk it and have an outdoor ceremony
41% of couples have an engagement party
43% of couples use live musicians at their ceremony
46% of couples take their honeymoon right away
60% of couples purchase a unity candle
64% of couples buy toasting flutes for their wedding reception
73% of couples will buy an engagement ring
83% of couples use the Internet to help plan their wedding
94% of couples send wedding invitations out
97% of brides have a bridal bouquet
99.9999999% of weddings end with a marriage (that whole, “if anyone feels this couple should not be united in Holy Matrimony..speak now..or forever hold your peace” happens a single digit amount of times where the bride & groom don’t get married)
145 guests – this is what the average wedding has
White gold is the most popular metal for wedding rings

Top Wedding Locations:

* Las Vegas (100,000 weddings/year)
* Hawaii (25,000 wedding/year)
* Bahamas (5,000 weddings/year)
* Jamaica (5,000 weddings/year)
* U.S. Virgin Islands (4,000 weddings/year)

By the way, have you ever been at a wedding where the bride or groom said “I don’t” instead of “I do”?

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