Kelly Ripa in a wedding dress designed by Project Runway winner Irina Shabayeva

Poor Irina Shabayeve only had 3 days to complete this fabulous wedding dress. Talk about a trial by fire for any wedding event planner in the area if this was a real wedding with only 3 days left to get a custom wedding dress. This dress was featured on the show “Live with Regis & Kelly” live from the Encore at Wynn Las Vegas during the week of November 23-27.  Since then Shavayeva has been getting a flury of calls for custom wedding dresses.

Kelly Ripa wedding gown
Kelly Ripa wedding gown

Just when Project Runway winner Irina Shabayeva thought the challenges were over, she got a new one from Regis and Kelly! The New York designer helped the show pay homage to Las Vegas when she designed a stunning wedding gown for Kelly, who never got the chance to wear one when she eloped there with husband Mark Consuelos. The designer took Kelly’s bubbly personality and the over-the-top feeling of Vegas into consideration to design the elaborate gown.

When asked what was next for Irvine she answered: “Big things!  I am going to work harder then I did before if that is possible… I am focusing on building a global brand.”

How much would you pay for a gown like this for your wedding?  Also, who do you think will replace Regis Philbin? He is 78 and getting hip surgery.  I’m sure they will be testing out a few worthy replacements for the rest of the year on his own show.

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