How did these lucky ladies get a free wedding dress?

Have you heard about the Brides Across America event for Veterans Day? Trust me, those that have flocked to stores that participated around the country to get a free wedding dress.

brides across america free wedding dresses
Brides Across America provides free wedding dresses

75 lucky military brides scored a generous gift this Veterans Da in Norfolk, VA. Margaret Hasty is one of the lucky ones. Hasty spent the night camped out in front of Maya Couture in Norfolk. Along with dozens of other brides-to-be, she waited in line for the chance to snag the ultimate wedding gift, a free dress!

“Yeah, I have a bad habit of smiling if I like something,” Hasty said.

She’s part of an elite group. This Veterans Day Maya Couture gave away 75 wedding dresses to women in the military and women who are engaged to servicemen serving overseas. “It was totally worth it. I was totally psyched. And I have some friends with me. It’s awesome,” said Hasty.

Margaret was lucky number one in line, in and out in about an hour. “It’s totally awesome. I’m so thankful,” she said.

But she wasn’t the only one to leave happy on this day.

Over at Evaline’s Bridal in Ohio more brides flowed out happy:
This was the third consecutive year that Evaline’s Bridal has been chosen to do the gown giveaway. And the only qualifications were that either the bride or groom of each couple be active in the military and serving in Iraq or Afghanistan.

“They don’t have to have a date set,” said Dubasik. “Actually, some of them have gotten married and are coming back for receptions. Some have not gotten married and have their wedding date set.”

One bride-to-be, who has a date set for Oct. 8, 2010, now has one less worry after finding the exact dress she was looking for.

“Strapless, big, white, poofy, corset in the back, and I found it here,” said Carolyn Lehman, whose fiancee is serving in Afghanistan.

The store has over 40 free gowns to give away, and it’s also offering deals on some of its other dresses as well.

Some women at the store Wednesday drove for hours to get their hands on the wedding gowns.

Maryfrances Jerez and her best friend, Lorena Herrera, pondered their options.

Sequins, beads or lace? Strapless or halter? The wedding dress they chose for Jerez’s mother, Carmen Baca, had to be perfect.

Baca, who is deployed with the Army in Iraq, couldn’t choose for herself this morning, so her husband, daughter and several friends waited outside Maya Couture for the chance to receive a free gown as part of a Brides Across America event for Veterans Day. The shop, at Best Square off Military Highway, gave away 60 gowns to brides-to-be last year, and owner Maya Warburton planned to give away 75 during today’s event.

Jonathan Baca, who waited outside the shop all night, turned away as the two 18-year-olds twirled around and modeled potential dresses. He didn’t want to risk bad luck with even a glimpse of the dress his wife might be wearing when they wed for the second time next year.

The couple met when they were deployed overseas and got hitched the first time alone at the courthouse in downtown Norfolk, he said. This time, they plan to do it right. They’ll say their vows next year in a church with their friends and their six children.

Thanks to you veterans for everything you do and I hope even more store participate next year in this wedding dress campaign.

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