Wedding rings too expensive to give out at Halloween?

halloween wedding ring lost
Ring lost in halloween candy

After handing out the Halloween candy for the night a woman in Cincinatti discovered she gave out more than she expected. Her wedding ring had slipped off into one of ths kids bags. Here is the story from WWLT Cincinatti:

Elizabeth Olson , “I think that what happened is, I was tossing candy into pillow cases and buckets, that it just slid out, along with the treats,” Olson said. “The ring was pretty sentimental. It had three diamonds, and when he gave it to me, he said, ‘One was for yesterday, one for today, and one for tomorrow.'”

However, it’s now days later and the ring still hasn’t turned up. Olson is asking neighbors to keep an eye out for it. She’s been going online, using a local newsletter to get the word out. But so far, no luck. “I’ve had five expressions of sympathy, but no expressions of, ‘I’ve got the ring,’ so we’re still hopeful,” Olson said.

As the Halloween decorations start to come down, she’s wondering if it will ever turn up. “I have a co-worker who said, ‘My kids, we just eat it as it comes, and it might be Easter by the time we get to the bottom of the bag.’ So I don’t know at what point you kind of give up hope,” Olson said.

Olson said she was dreading telling her husband and didn’t let him know until the next afternoon that it was missing. She said that he wasn’t mad, he felt pretty bad for her, and he has been brainstorming ideas to try to track it down.

They may hit the neighborhood with a metal detector, too, just in case it slipped off somewhere while they were walking.

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